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3D exterior design about REAA 3D

Transforming Visions into Reality


The Power of 3D Technology in Construction

Building Foundation

At REAA 3D, we are committed to providing the best 3D experience before construction. Our 3D service is available for architects, Real Estate agents, Builders, contractors, plot owners, and every person who wants a 3D service. Our team of experts uses the latest 3D technology to create immersive 3D models that are accurate and realistic. With our 3D models, you can visualize the building or property before construction even begins, ensuring that you get the best possible design and layout.

We started Reaa 3D in 2020, from Interior and exterior designs to realistic walkthrough videos, our team offers a wide range of 3D rendering services. We strive to provide our clients with project visualizations that are both realistic and cost-effective. 

Operational Excellence

REAA 3D began as a small shop with a big dream: to offer high-quality interior and exterior rendering services to clients all over the world. Today, our team has grown significantly and we have become one of the leading players in the industry. Our team of talented professionals is dedicated to ensuring that each project we work on is completed to the highest possible standard. No matter the size or complexity of the job, we have the expertise and passion to turn your vision into reality.

Construction pre plan


Meet the Founders

REAA 3D comprises an exceptional ensemble of experts in the realms of architecture, 3D rendering, interior design, and technology. Their unwavering pursuit of honing the craft of architectural visualization is what distinguishes them from their counterparts. However, the truly exceptional aspect of REAA 3D lies in their impeccable maintenance of a client-centric approach and their finely-tuned work methodology.


Narasimha R

The knowledge of each individual you collaborate with holds a sense of elation, knowing they contribute significantly to an overarching ambition and purpose. This impact continually manifests itself in your daily interactions, adding to the thrill.

Funder REAA 3D Narasimha R

Our team has extensive experience in managing projects of varying scales. Through seamless collaboration and coordination, we curate a talented network of artists in the architecture and design industry, ensuring exceptional results.

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