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30 by 38 Duplex 3BHK vastu House Plan with 2BHK plan

West Fcing 3BHK duplex with 2BHK Plan

With its spacious 3BHK duplex design and west-facing entrance, our 30 by 38 Duplex 3BHK Vastu House Plan with 2BHK is the perfect home for those who value Vastu compliance and ample natural light. Featuring a well-planned layout with a pooja room and designated parking, this house plan offers the perfect blend of comfort and convenience.

This Ground floor plan features a 2BHK house with 2 bedrooms and one common bathroom. The main door is placed in the North East Corner, perfect for those seeking a Vastu-compliant living space. The plan also offers a big car parking space, making it ideal for families with multiple vehicles. Enjoy the abundance of natural light and ventilation in this spacious and thoughtfully designed plan.

Our First Floor offers the perfect living space for those looking for a comfortable rental property. This beautiful space includes 2 bedrooms, 1 common bathroom, 1 attached bathroom, a utility area, a pooja room, and a balcony. Our First Floor is designed according to Vastu principles to ensure prosperity and harmony for our tenants. With a focus on functionality and aesthetics, this is a great choice for any family.

Our second-floor 30 by 38 Duplex is the perfect space for those looking for luxury living with a functional twist. With one bedroom featuring an attached bathroom, a pooja room, a modern kitchen, a bright living hall, one common bathroom, a utility hall, and a bedroom with a balcony, this design duplex house has everything you need to live in style and comfort.

The third floor of our Vastu House Plan features an elegant design that's sure to impress. With two bedrooms, each with an attached bathroom, you'll enjoy all the privacy and comfort you need. The big family hall is perfect for entertaining, and the balconies offer breathtaking views from multiple angles. Be sure to check out the balcony in the Northeast corner, which provides a quiet retreat for relaxation and reflection.

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